Oracle Netsuite Accounting Software Review 2022: Pricing & Plan Costs 2022

netsuite erp review

With NetSuite ERP, you can reduce technology support expenses by outsourcing application hosting and eliminating the costs of investing in dedicated server hardware. Plus, you can deploy self-service B2B business portals to enable effortless supplier and customer collaboration, thereby improving business partner relationships. Finally, the software offers a suite of application development and configuration tools that give you the flexibility to support growing, business-specific requirements. Chad Brooks is a writer and editor with more than 20 years of media of experience. He has been with Business News Daily and for the past decade, having written and edited content focused specifically on small businesses and entrepreneurship. Chad spearheads coverage of small business communication services, including business phone systems, video conferencing services and conference call solutions. His work has appeared on The Huffington Post,,, Live Science, IT Tech News Daily, Tech News Daily, Security News Daily and Laptop Mag.

  • In software, we manage it via the project plans, where we have the timesheets managed.
  • You can develop, execute, and support supply/distribution management plans from a single, collaborative platform.
  • Over the last year, we’ve done some furniture distributors, we’ve done nutraceutical manufacturing, we’ve done companies that import and build electric scooters and leisure products like bicycles, etc.
  • The company is not transparent about its pricing, so you’ll need to contact NetSuite directly for pricing details.
  • The problem is, if I call Salesforce today or NetSuite tomorrow and say, “Hey, I want to license this, here’s my credit card”.
  • Reduces procure-to-pay timelines and increases cash flow with automation.

Overall a good experience, hope ui will be better in future. Also add some new options to make it more & more comfortable & easy to use. You achieve multiple things with help of this by performing various functions as per your requirement.

How would you rate customer service and support?

There are five levels of advanced support — advise, monitor, optimize, architect, and platform — that scale as you move up levels. This module helps you solve industry challenges by implementing advanced methodologies. Specifically, it will ensure end-to-end integration of the netsuite erp review product, sales, services, and delivery team and bring about a smooth ride. There are different methodologies for each industry by market segment. Our NetSuite software review shows that the platform handles multiple currencies, reporting requirements, and taxation rules.

  • Customers also expect highly personalized applications that let them check the status of orders, place new orders, and research products.
  • Using NetSuite solutions, you can streamline a company’s financial transactions, ensure compliance, and speed up the close.
  • But again, the prices are not published on the NetSuite web page.
  • This created a dual purchasing system, where there was a purchase order number at the school.

It’s also strong in Supply Chain Management, HR Management, Inventory, Demand Planning, Materials Resource Planning as well as Complex Fixed Asset Acquisition, Depreciation, and Disposal. And that’s already a lot to house under one software roof but, for those companies that are more strongly sales-oriented, Oracle NetSuite OneWorld even includes Retail Sales and e-commerce capabilities. Overall, as a GL app, it’s similar to our cloud-based Editors’ Choice winner in that category, Intacct , but slightly more complex so it rated a 4 as a GL product . As an ERP platform, on the other hand, Oracle NetSuite OneWorld outshone everyone else, easily earning its 4.5 rating and the overall ERP category Editors’ Choice award. We have different verticals of business like manufacturing plants, software consulting, and development. We use both aspects of the things in one module of NetSuite, where we manage multiple subsidies. We will use working process modules, and we automate the entire process of a production plan in that.

NetSuite Software

A lot of companies have been on it and sometimes they make good candidates as people who don’t feel comfortable with some of the extra bells and whistles. It’s a good, basic, fundamental ERP accounting supply planning system. This created a dual purchasing system, where there was a purchase order number at the school. They had to work around that and they had to reconcile that. As we were going through the NetSuite implementation, I said, “Why are you maintaining two purchasing systems?” They said, “Well, we can’t afford for every principal to become a user”.

netsuite erp review

View either summary or detailed reporting, enabling users to see the level of data most appropriate for their job function. Set up accounts receivables according to your specific accounting rules. With NetSuite software for wholesale distributions, you never have to settle for inflexible software that doesn’t support your precise business needs. With NetSuite software, companies can do exactly that with ease and speed. Companies can also pay their vendors and taxes via electronic funds transfer directly from NetSuite. As a result, they can streamline business processes and eliminate the need to print and sign checks manually. NetSuite offers significant opportunities for customization.

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